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The Story Of Ghanty Fils and Silhouette Intemporelle

For over 37 years, Anwar A. H. Ghanty has been the shop owner of Ghanty Fils.

However, the Ghanty family has been in the textile trade as far back as 1898, when Anwar’s great-grandfather settled in Mauritius as a textile merchant during the island’s British rule. The Ghanty family migrated from Surat, Gujrat in India, and have been masters in the textile industry ever since.

Before owning a textile shop of his own, Anwar worked for two decades with his brother before branching out on his own. On December 16, 1983, he set up his own textile shop in Curepipe, Mauritius, where he continues to produce the highest quality attire available.

When Anwar’s son, Ajmal Anwar Ghanty, returned from engineering school, he decided his place was in the textile trade with his family, as his ancestors before him. Ajmal’s contribution to the business would be on a different scale. His dream was to carry on his father’s legacy by expanding the business and offering his father’s beautifully tailored clothing to the global market.

Ajmal understood that such well-made, supreme-quality, tailored apparel was highly desired beyond Mauritius, and his vision for his family’s brand was clear.

He recognized that tailored clothing is a luxury cherished all over the world by people with discerning tastes who appreciate clothing that is custom-made to fit their body rather than something purchased from a rack in a department store. One size garment does not fit all shapes and sizes, which is why tailored clothing continues to be highly sought after in today’s market. However, finding an established, well respected tailor with as much experience as Anwar is nearly impossible in many places in the world.

After months of research and planning, Ajmal consulted his father to get his blessing to take their family business of luxury, tailor-made clothing online, and offer this service to the international market. Ajmal’s vision was for anyone, anywhere in the world that understands the value and quality of fine tailoring to be able to acquire his family’s garments online. He believed what better way could he carry on the family legacy than by sharing it with the world.

At last, with his father in agreement, Silhouette Intemporelle was born.

Ajmal began the task of seeing his vision come to life in early 2020. He knew they had a product that was of the highest quality, so his contribution to his family’s legacy was to begin putting a plan together to share it with the world. Bringing a product to market, even one as loved and revered by their customers for over 37 years, was still going to take a great deal of time and dedication. Ajmal believed with so much history in exceptional bespoke garments and textiles, discerning people from everywhere would welcome clothing of quality over cheaply made fashions that don’t last, don’t fit properly, and go out of style quickly.

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern fashion.

Merging modern cuts, structures, prints, and fabrics with traditional savoir-faire, craftsmanship, and techniques, Silhouette Intemporelle brings to market high-end garments that maintain the traditional values of pattern making, tailoring, and sewing with a contemporary approach in garment structure and innovative material or shapes. Every garment is tailored to your unique body shape and measurements, giving you the perfect fit and silhouette.

You’ll also never have to worry about where our products come from. All of our textiles are ethically sourced and sustainable.  Our company stands firmly behind our work ethic, both within our business operations and our customer service. We aren’t satisfied with our work unless you are. That’s why we go the extra step of packaging and shipping your new garments with love and care. By presenting your garments to you this way, you will understand their value. It’s our way of thanking you for putting your faith in us to provide you with a product we are proud of and that we know you’ll love.

One size does not fit all.

How many times have you purchased a suit or formal dress, only to feel uncomfortable because it doesn’t fit your body correctly? Altering is expensive and inconvenient. Our master tailor, Mr. Neezam Gunga, has been creating tailored clothing for nearly 30 years. His hands have created some of the finest, well-fitted, and unique garments for our clients, and we are proud and fortunate to have him in our employ. Experience, talent, and a master of his trade, Mr. Gunga’s creations will now be available to you wherever you are in the world!

Exclusive and high-end clothing means the luxury you deserve.

Throughout your life, you’ve had to make sacrifices to create a wardrobe worthy of your style and taste. Silhouette Intemporelle believes everyone deserves clothing that’s measured, cut, assembled, and hand-made just for them. Wearing clothes that feel as if they are a part of you is a luxury everyone desires, yet often, they have no idea where to find such a service or how to acquire them. Often clothing of such high caliber seems out of reach, even to those who may have the means to afford them. Our philosophy at Silhouette Intemporelle is to provide you with exceptional tailored clothing at a fair and reasonable price. Tailored clothing is an investment in yourself that shouldn’t be avoided based on price but rather the desire to own garments that make you feel wonderful.

Our vision is for you to feel comfortable, stylish and exceptional in our garments and we know you will.

Our family has been dressing people of all shapes and sizes for over 50 years. You’ll know you can trust us to provide you with attire that you’ll treasure and want to wear as often as possible. Unique and traditional, yet modern, and so well made they’ll last and last.

You work hard and appreciate luxury and excellence. Don’t cheat yourself out of the wardrobe you deserve.  Why sacrifice what you know you’ll love and feel confident wearing? You want a suit that reflects who you are, is comfortable all day long, and shows you know high-quality and timeless style.

Make an impression and leave an impression with Silhouette Intemporelle.